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Thank you for your interest in It has come to our attention that a number of web sites have been offering for sale. They are doing so without our knowledge or permission, and as near as we can tell, is nothing more than a scam to pull you in and get you to make an offer.

This has also resulted in a flood of requests to make offers on the domain directly. As a policy, we do not respond to these requests, as we have no intention or desire to sell the domain. This domain has been registered by the same entity since before most people could even access the Internet, and short of a large heaping helping of money so we can all forget about the Internet and move to an island paradise somewhere, we expect to be around doing computer things for decades to come.

For those who have asked, yes, we have reviewed a number of the appraisal sites to see what valuation has been placed on the name for entertainment purposes, and consider those valuations rather speculative. Arguments could be made for a higher or lower value, but sales only happen when a buyer and seller agree on a price.

Should anyone be sufficiently serious about obtaining the domain, our recommendation would be to escrow several million US dollars with a US, preferably New Hampshire, based law firm to prove your commitment, and have appropriate legal representation approach the domain contact(s) to set up a discussion.